Week 1 – 10 January 2016 / Sunday

Week 1 – 10 January 2016 / Sunday
19 cm x 13 cm – knit (s 8 metal)


I was interested to learn that Z had been an avid knitter when she was living at home, and she still had some knitting books in her room that I was staying in. I have a vague recollection or image of her knitting but not sure if it is an actual memory or a fantasy. It was fun to imagine her knitting on the same furniture in the house that I was now knitting on…including her bed. I had hoped that S would know how to knit to help me cast off at the end of this first week, but she did not. She did say that she too learned how in Amity School though…

I had two small balls of similar magenta yarn that I had brought with me for this first Sunday – the last day of my first time piece of the Knitting Time project.
Both balls were of thin yarn, but one was shinier and had variations of the hue in it, while the other was more mat and constant in its colour. I started with the more jazzy of the two and finished it all so added the other one for more knitting in the day.

I was not sure how I felt about using two different yarns on one day, but I wanted to continue knitting so I didn’t think about it too much. They work very well together and you have to really look hard to notice the shift. To work with they had a different feel from each other though.

I found the knitting particularly useful this day for providing me with my own sense of center and focus while many other things were going on around me. It was wonderful to have the knitting to retreat to and relax with.

I had a real moment of insight too as I was aware of how tight the room to maneuver the needles was around the thread and then realized that I simply needed to loosen my ‘grip’ and relax the thread a bit in my knitting. It instantly helped and made knitting a smooth process rather than a staccato stabbing and stumbling experience.

Fortunately I had brought the other pair of knitting needles and so at the end of the day I was able to transfer the whole first time piece onto the wooden circular needles to leave the red metal ones free to start week 2 the next day.



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