Week 1 – 5 January 2016 / Tuesday

Week 1 – 5 January 2016 / Tuesday
7cm x 13.5 cm – knit (n size 8 plastic needles)

IMG_2521Today I used orange wool from my Mom’s office collection. There was only a small amount there – but enough for the day. I used it all. It presented a different approach to knitting than I intended: instead of knitting as much I wanted for the day, I was restricted by how much yarn I had to knit with. Using a finite amount at the onset makes it a more goal orientated task with an aim to use up the yarn.

I knitted first thing in the morning as I was excited to engage with my new Knitting Time project. I also liked having knitting to do while I sorted out my head for the day…it bought me some thinking, or more accurately perhaps some non-thinking, time before getting on with the day.
Also appreciated having the knitting to do when B and M phoned to say they were running late.
This mustard, or yellow ochre, coloured yarn was considerably thicker than the day before. It sat heavily next to the thinner swatch of dark red. Also of different properties – either more synthetic or more natural fibers…I’m not exactly sure which. I worry that I am ignorant to tell the difference. Either way, the strands do not as separate as easily to get tangled up in with the needles.

Note: I have no sample of this yarn because it was before I realized that I want to record in this way.


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