Week 1 – 8 January 2016 / Friday

Week 1 – 8 January 2016 / Friday
5cm x 14 cm – knit (s 8 metal)

IMG_2548 croppedA steel blue wool – thin and made up of three distinct strands. A natural fiber I think. It is dense with ‘fuzz’ from the strands surrounding them lightly. It is a slightly heavy and shiny quality for such a thin, natural yarn. I am not sure if it came from Mom or E – if I had to guess I ‘d say from Mom though.

In trying to write these entries I realize that I would like to take my time to improve my use of words to describe colour and texture with my daily choice of yarn, as well as to get some tuition and gain knowledge on the actual differences of the yarns.

I abandoned my idea to visit wool shops because I ran out of time. Walking to The Open Center took much more time than I expected, as did my browsing in their bookstore. I had made a list of the ones I might try to get to, so next time I’m in the City I can plan a trip to them maybe. It was nice to have something specific to want to look for in NYC.

I knitted a little bit while hanging out with P, and a little bit on the bus to Binghampton – but really much less than I had anticipated. I mostly listened to my shuffle, wrote in my new notebook that I rushed to buy a block from Port Authority, and dosed off during the long bus journey…it was dark for most of the trip as well.

I was disappointed not to knit more though because I liked the green, from the previous day, and blue shades next to one another.


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