Week 1 – 9 January 2016 / Saturday

Week 1 – 9 January 2016 / Saturday
10 cm x 13 cm – knit (s 8 metal)

I used a knitted yarn swatch from my Mom’s office collection that I had un-done and rolled up to re-use. The yarn still had the evidence of having been used in it’s curls – added a little challenge to my slowly improving threading of the yarn with my left hand fingers.

This purple yarn is a natural wool, relatively thin. A rich royal purple colour – not too dark. I knitted a significant amount on this day as it was an easy pastime to do while hanging out with S and lounging around her house. I even knitted while we watched a film in the evening, and a bit more when I went to bed….tying in the magenta for the next day before turning out the light.


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