Week 2 – 11 January 2016 / Monday

Week 2 – 11 January 2016 / Monday
8.5 cm x 13 cm – knit (s 8 metal)

The start of a fresh week and the next Time Piece. I casted on my new piece on the bus from Binghampton back to Middletown, NY. I was so glad I had brought 2 x pairs of knitting needles to Binghampton with me.
Re-visiting the red yarn from the week before, I was able to detect progress in my knitting technique: I was faster and there was less snagging.
I tried to visit the yarn store in Warwick, but it is closed on Mondays!
Mom and I had a fun conversation about the colour orange and her yarn – whether it was orange or ‘peach’ and whether it fit better in my Code as Monday or Tuesday (the difference between red and orange in my own delineation). She was a firm believer that the colour was orange and therefore should be perfectly adequate for my Tuesday knitting purposes.
When we got beck to my Mom’s office and I looked at the yarn in question again, I had to agree with her. I was very pleased about this because there was a large quantity of it and I suspected I would be using a lot on the 4.5 hour drive the next day.
A lady at my Mom’s pottery studio later that day showed me how to cast off the first Time piece. It was nice to have something to bond with a stranger over.


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