Week 2 – 12 January 2016 / Tuesday

Week 2 – 12 January 2016 / Tuesday
21.5 cm x 14 cm – knit (s 8 metal)

0114160819 copyI had a lot of knitting time while driving out to our family house EH with Mom. It possibly contributed to my exhaustion upon arrival. It makes me wonder if maybe exhaustion is a symptom of motion sickness without the nausea, as I noticed that after every long drive I am exhausted and usually any motion in a vehicle (including boats) makes me want to close my eyes and sleep (thankfully this is when I am a passenger and not too noticeable when I’m driving).
Earlier in the morning, I also knitted during our lunch with M after going to my Mom’s client with her in the residential assisted care facility nearby. I did not knit while we were there though because I joined in with the pottery painting and general activity of the session with I and her daughter.
The peach orange yarn from my Mom was easy to work with: somewhat synthetic, it held the strands together well and was neither too thin nor thick.
I really like this particular colour generally and I liked the way it looked next to the deeper reds of the day before, although the weight and quality of the yarns are very different. I liked the contrast actually too. It enhanced a sense of solidity and stability in the peach yarn.
Mom took a picture of me knitting on the couch at Grace Cottage but my eyes are weirdly closed. She took another one of me the next morning where it looks like I am asleep or stoned. I suppose in most pictured of me knitting my eyes will be focused downwards but these are particularly unflattering pics.


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