Week 2 – 13 January 2016 / Wednesday

Week 2 – 13 January 2016 / Wednesday
10.5 cm x 17 cm – knit (s 8 metal)

0113160905 copyI used bright yellow cotton yarn from E. She gave me 2 large balls of it. It has an unusual texture to it that makes it interesting but difficult to knit with, at least at this early stage in my knitting development.

I was grateful to have the knitting to do while Mom went through her EH routine of reading Dan’s Papers and the Amagansett Star, and also focused on house rental tasks.
While we were in EH (town) to see Real Estate agents about listings, we also went to visit a craft store there that my Mom thought might have yarns but they did not.
I am eager to have an abundant supply of coloured yarns to choose from for each day and still feel like I am gearing up for the project by having to eek out the yarn to satisfy the day’s intention. I also have an urge to be immersed in a shop filled head to toe with shelving and baskets of yarn – all colour coded and bursting with character and possibility….


I also took a picture of an empty shop front on Main St, EH that is exactly how I would wish my own studio (when I next have one) to look like. I have a vision of me using a shop front as a studio where I could run my CreativeCore workshops and use the front window for performances of daily making and displays. I imagine me sitting in a rocking chair in the window knitting…or at a table making collage or whatever….

IMG_2582This storefront in EH is exactly how I imagine the inside space looking. I would also have large trestle tables and folding chairs for working. I also want a workroom in the back with equipment and machinery needed for making.

This vision is one version of where I would like to work…the other is in a wellness facility where the body work can be integrated into the creative art making activities.

I also knitted happily while we watched TV in the evening.


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