Week 2 – 17 January 2016 / Sunday

Week 2 – 17 January 2016 / Sunday
7.5 cm x 15 – 16cm – (s 8 metal)

I used a magenta wool from E today. It is a nice deep colour but very ‘strandy’. I used the whole (small) ball that I had. The tones sat very nice alongside the purple of the previous day.
I knitted during my visit with DH and shared my Knitting Time project intention with him.

Had a conversation with B later – before dinner – about the project and how the colour coding related to my coding of the days of the week and my overlaying of the chakras to this daily mediation practice I am playing with.
B suggested I make a blog about the Knitting Time project – which is something I had just started considering earlier in the week. It was nice to have a fleeting thought be validated by his observation that this might be worthwhile.

This day’s knitting concluded my second Time Piece.


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