Week 3 – 18 January 2016 / Monday

Week 3 – 18 January 2016 / Monday
17 cm x 13 – 16cm – (s 8 metal/wood)
knit and purl every other line

This week is the third time with the deep red yarn. I still enjoy it. It also has come to be a consistent feature of the January Time Pieces that I want to carry though the month.

The background decision I often concern myself with is to do with the month’s representation in relation to each week. It is my intention to make this a project about weeks, but I still want the months to be easily distinguished. I also want to perhaps acknowledge the 4 x seasons/quarters as well…but maybe that is too much too soon.

This project is making me really explore my colour coding ‘logic’ (or lack of) and what is significant about it for me.

I decided to make this week’s focus on knit and purl in alternate rows (leading up to alternate stitches next).

I enjoyed having knitting in the car on route to the airport. After I had already checked in I remembered to ask about bringing knitting needles on the plane. The woman said if they were metal they would be taken away but wood was ok. I was glad I asked and very pleased that I had kept my wooden circular ones ready to make the switch. I did this in the food court at Newark while B & Mom figured out which delightful fast food dinner they were going to enjoy.
B finally went for a Wendy’s burger and fries while Mom had a Mexican ‘bowl’ of rice and beans. I had some of hers and we all shared a chocolate chip cookie together before I left to go through security and we said our ‘Good-byes’.

I knitted more before boarding and then on the plane as well.


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