Week 3 – 23 January 2016 / Saturday

Week 3 – 23 January 2016 / Saturday
18 cm x 14cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

Spent more time working on my Daily Log and Knitting Time blog. I cut samples of each yarn for every day so far that I could and tied them to their respective day in my Daily Log. I am missing a few from the first week because I was so limited in my supply and used all of it at the time for knitting – also I had not yet realized that I wanted to keep a sample. Now I know to cut them back.

I enjoyed sharing my knitting with J and listening to her tell me about the knitting she used to do a long time ago when D and M were small. I was very impressed. I am very impressed with anyone who can knit a garment. She also talked about knitting baby clothes and I realized that one can knit very thin, fine things depending on the yarn and the size of needles – an obvious thing but I hadn’t thought about how fine one could go until J mentioned the baby clothes.

I noticed that my knitting has improved and I am knitting much faster now – even in purl stitch. I was glad to have my knitting to do after we ate dinner at Prezzo with D’s parents.

It did raise a question for me though about where it is and is not appropriate for me to bring my knitting. It did not really feel that appropriate at the restaurant and during most social interactions – but sometimes it is worth it to me anyway.

I was knitting with a small ball of dark purple yarn from E’s supply and basically ran out – forcing me to end my knitting for the day. I think I would have continued otherwise.

I was frustrated by that and also aware that I had very little magenta yarn lined up for the next day – so I worried that the same thing would happen tomorrow.

There is a difference between running out of time to knit and running out of yarn!

However, even given that retstarint my weekly swatches – especially this week 3 with all the travelling – are much longer than I had envisioned. I would not want each one to get any longer really.

I found myself mulling over questions to do with my colour code – motivated by how ugly I feel the ROY G BIV ‘pattern’ is – I have a longing for a more subtle combination of colours while at the same time feel committed to my Code. I am curious about the boundaries and range of each colour – but I am growing aware also that there is a limitation to access of the coloured yarn that greatly influences what actually gets knitted.
I think having a ‘lead’ colour for the month that I knit into each day with the respective colur will provide a continuity and aesthetic difference but we’ll see.
I also considered the option of knitting each day separately. But this year the project is about weeks not individual days…maybe another time…


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