Week 4 – 25 January 2016 / Monday

Week 4 – 25 January 2016 / Monday
10.25 cm x 14 cm – (s 4mm plastic)
knit and purl every other line

IMG_2671 copyI started the day with a list of coloured yarns I wanted to buy in town. I went to the wool shop and to Trago to see what they both had in stock. In the end I refrained from buying anything except a 4cm pair of plastic needles.

I was dismayed, but not surprised, to discover that the UK has a different sizing system than USA. I was also amazed to only se either exceptionally long needles or very short ones – none of them looked like the familiar needles I am used to seeing in the States.

The needles I bought are very short in length (17cm before the knob at end) and half the thickness of the 8’s I have been using so far (4.0mm).

Trago had some interesting books on knitting that I would like to get, especially one on colour specifically for £3.99 – hardly expensive but I still need to wait to buy it.

Looking at the books reminded me of Julia Cameron’s weekly ‘Artist’s Dates’ exercise and that coming here could constitute such a date; as could visiting yarn shops and generally surrounding myself with inspiring and stimulating materials and resources.

The procurement of yarn feels complicated and expensive and something I need to consider. It seems there are many issues to resolve – or at least play with – in this realm. Although it is slightly overwhelming it is comforting to remember that it really doesn’t matter what choices I make – only that I keep choosing and moving (or knitting rather) forward with the project and the fulfillment of the intention… a good reminder for life in general too I think.

Instead of buying new yearns I decided to continue with the small stock that I have for the time being. I also decided to really go through my own yarn supplies at home and make a good (“honest and thorough”) inventory of what I already have to use before investing any money.

Most of what seems available here in Falmouth is either very extra chunky yarns or very thin, not much in a medium gage.

I was excited to switch to smaller needles to see what that was like and to see if it produces a smaller swatch at the end of the week.

I am having a problem when I cast on and get to the last stitch in the next row – there is a long piece of yarn between the needles that shouldn’t be there but cannot be taken out without loosing a stitch. I am obviously doing something a little wrong…

I didn’t start my day’s knitting until the evening while we watched an episode of ‘Black Sails’ but knitted from about 6:30pm – 11pm in the end.


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