Week 4 – 26 January 2016 / Tuesday

Week 4 – 26 January 2016 / Tuesday
9 cm x 12 cm – (s 4mm plastic)
knit and purl every other line

I started the morning with a decision to make about some work I was offered over the weekend (with no financial incentive). When I finally decided to decline so that I could focus on my own projects – like writing up the Knitting Time diary entries so far and preparing my February Log, etc I was filled with energy to propel me out of bed despite my sore body from the gym the day before. I was eager to get ‘stuck in’ to things…

I spent time in the morning going through my own yarn supplies to see what I have. I also managed to get rid of lots of socks that I had been hoarding for sock dolls in the process. While many of them were potentially useful I know I will prefer to get specific socks for each doll and not tend to use many of what I was saving. Others were just in really bad condition and not worth saving. It felt good to do a bit of editing and making room in my drawer for new yarns, etc.

I discovered that I do not have many useful yarns for the Knitting Time project – although many that will be good for the sock dolls. A few overlaps – like the brown yarn I got for the ‘Mischa’ doll hair just before I left in November.

I had fun taking some pictures of yesterday’s knitting and realize the photography is another element of the bog format that I know I will enjoy.

IMG_2670 copy

IMG_2669 copy

Went back to The Wool Basket shop in Falmouth today and bought some new yarns – thin varieties of orange, pale yellow and (Aquamarine/Hampshire) blue. The yellow and the blue were very inexpensive. The orange yarn is a nicer one (50% acrylic and 50% bamboo) – and more costly. I seem to be drawn to the more expensive yarns the bamboo and silk ones. I am dismayed to realize that yarns have a ‘fashion’ currency and you can tell what is ‘in’ and what it not – or at least I can tell a little. I am sure much of the subtly of the knitting scene is completely lost on my ignorance of the craft…but I see of glimpse of that aspect of things.

I only bought 3 x colours today but with plans to go back to Trago again at end of the week for purple, magenta and a ‘February lead’ colour.

I thought that the new orange yarn would be smoother to work with as it has a very silky feel and is very fine. It is marigold – or tangerine – orange and reminds me of embroidery thread. Like embroidery thread it is made up of many thinner strands. The new plastic needles do not glide well with the yarn however.

I really like the colour. It reminds me of T and W and their flaming orange heads every time I look at it.

Still finding it hard to reconcile my colour schemes for the individual Time Pieces and curious about using the ‘lead’ thread next month. Also finding it hard to keep track of which line I am doing – knit or purl…I am frustrated that I cannot tell from just looking where I am.


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