Week 4 – 27 January 2016 / Wednesday

Week 4 – 27 January 2016 / Wednesday
9 cm x 17 cm – (s 4cm plastic)
knit and purl every other line

I am using the same yellow yarn today as I did in week 2 & 3. I decided to wait to use the pale yellow one I bought yesterday. I liked the tone of the brighter yellow with the new orange that I had used yesterday. It worked better than the pale one would have.
I showed my Time Pieces to M and talked more about the project with him. In the conversation I articulated my interest in using the Knitting Time project as a way of exploring the blog format and thought it was an interesting juxtaposition that such a traditional hand-based craft might be the catalyst for a personal technological advancement. I knitted a bit through the day but as I was doing lots of talking, etc I couldn’t really focus on the knit/purl attention.

I did knit through T’s teleseminar in the evening though (and watching ‘True Detectives’ the hour before). The teleseminar is another introduction to technological possibilities for sharing ideas – although not sure it is exactly something I have use for myself.

The yellow yarn was even more difficult with the plastic needles than it has been in previous weeks – which makes me think maybe it is the plastic itself – I think I prefer metal.

I also talked with M about making the procurement of yarns another focus of the Knitting Time project. Asking friends to give me any scrap yarns they have from old projects and recording the stories of where the yarn has come from.

I had a fantasy of also going to charity shops and buying knitted clothing and unraveling them to use the yarn – it would be cheaper than buying new scans!

We further discussed the difference between using a pre-organised structure of colour that I buy and work out in advance and the alternative of just choosing everyday and letting it have more variation. While we both prefer the variation of a more idiosyncratic approach – it is hard for e to resist imposing my Code and refining my Code with the project, which will mean a certain degree of pre-figuring. I realized in talking that I just don’t have enough stock yet. I want to be able to choose each day from a wide variety of colours and I just don’t have that much yarn in my possession yet.


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