Week 4 – 30 January 2016 / Saturday

Week 4 – 30 January 2016 / Saturday
11.5 cm x 12 cm – (s 4cm plastic)
knit 1 / purl 1 (ribbing)

I went to Trago today (after collecting and installing our new couch) and bought lots more yarn. As I was walking to town I had a premonition of me getting yarn ‘fixes’ when I need excitement in my life: rushing to a wool shop at every opportunity to satisfy my need for something nice – has it come to that? I guess so…

I spent a long time at Trago deciding what to buy – weighing up colours and then textures vs. price. I got a grey blue for my ‘lead’ yarn for next month. I also got purple, magenta, green and red – and then a few yarns for my sock dolls. I was frustrated with the choice of reds, but actually that is probably the colour I have the most variation with at this point.

IMG_2700 copy

Spent the evening knitting on my new couch while we watched a film (A Thousand Times Good-Bye). I used my new deep eggplant coloured purple yarn (Patons – 55% wool, 25% acrylic and 20% nylon; shade 06245) from Trago. It was very dark in the light from my small side-light in the front room. It felt like I was knitting in black but I knew otherwise.


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