Week 4 – 31 January 2016 /Sunday

Week 4 – 31 January 2016 /Sunday
11.5 cm x 11cm– (s 4cm plastic)
knit 1 / purl 1 (ribbing)

IMG_2705 copySpent 4.5 hours catching up the Knitting Time commentary from my diary notes onto the computer so that I am now up to date with today.

I am very excited to explore more of Marion Milner, which came out of my mention of her earlier in the week and then looking her up on Amazon today.

I keep looking at SF’s image on her card and relating it to the Knitting Time project. I liked that card especially because the day I had just had a dream that I could see energy manifest in the air around me, and it looked like the white lines she has on the image…but they are also like knitted yarn….

I had a good chat with Mom who suggested I ask people for yarn for my Birthday…I like that idea.
She also told me that knit 1/purl 1 is a ribbing stitch – along with knit 2/purl 2 which I will try tomorrow.

Also spent some time re-photographing the 3 earlier Time Pieces and measuring them. I want more photographs but the light is not really good enough to bother with at this time.

Finished the week with an hour of knitting in my new magenta yarn from The Wool Basket while watching the next installment of ‘Black Sails’. Luna and I have worked out how she can lay on my lap and I can still knit.

Hard to photograph these long thin shapes well, but easier in daylight. I might try my panoramic setting actually.

Finally, I looked up the definition of ‘yarn’ online as I have been using it as a very generic term and wanted to see if that was accurate:

1. spun thread used for knitting, weaving or sewing.
Synonyms: thread, cotton, wool, fibre, filament, strand

2. a long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible
Synonyms: story, tale, anecdote, fable, parable, traveller’s tale, fairy story, rigmarole, saga, sketch, narrative, reminiscence, account, report, history

v-1. tell a long or implausible story.

Like my blog….a good ‘yarn’ (hopefully)


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