7 February 2016 /Sunday

7 February 2016 /Sunday
11cm x 15cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2719Bought 9mm knitting needles this morning for £1.75 for next week’s Time Piece (VI). I am responding to the very tight character of this week and wanting to try to ‘loosen’ up and ‘open out’ as a contrast and counter measure.

I was disappointed not to get to knit more yesterday, but I do like the effect of the thin line compositionally.

I am very happy with the overall tones and consistency of this particular Time Piece (V). Using the double yarns has accomplished precisely what I hoped it would although it is much heavier and denser than I had considered.

My intention for next week is to deliberately override this now and open things up with the large knitting needles and my choices of yarn.

I am interested in this impulse and wonder if it comes from my own interest or in a fear of giving to my real desire – to have things as uniform and consistent as possible.



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