Week 5 – 1 February 2016 / Monday

Week 5 – 1 February 2016 / Monday
7cm x 16cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2716Knitting with 2 yarns produces a hard, thick piece. I think my 4mm needles are too small for the job but they are all I have at the moment besides the wooden circular ones which I think would just be too many strands to negotiate with the wire cord and the 2 x yarns. The knitting has gone from a compact ‘thing’ that I can carry around with me to an unwieldy ‘monster’ with tangled tentacles that I have to continuously unravel and sort out.

The heavy knitting of the day coincided with ‘heavy’ conversations and felt oddly apropos.

At the beginning of each year I select ‘gifts’ for each month in advance from a deck of ‘Angel cards’.
‘Commitment’ is my gift for February. This also feels poetically symbolic as I try to knit the two yarns together.

I am already not sure how I am going to make it through a month of such heavy knitting – let alone my hope of adopting this strategy for every month with a different colour. I found myself trying to come up with alternatives that might also work.

I do like the fact that I was unable to accumulate much in the time I knitted today given the thickness of the double yarn. I like that the Time Pieces might end up a bit smaller. The weight of them doubles though so I’m still faced with a lot of ‘mass’ at the end of a year.

IMG_2715I have used a rust red, inexpensive yarn today that is of a similar type to the steel grey lead yarn. They are the same brand, thickness and texture. They look very good together and I am pleased with the effect even though the double yarns make it harder to work with and heavier. I am eager to see how this month looks in the end.

I have reverted back to simply knitting rather than also trying to keep track of stitches at the same time.

I also sent out my blog notes to a few people and had a bit of encouraging feedback that makes me look forward to getting the actual blog online.


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