Week 5 – 3 February 2016 /Wednesday

Week 5 – 3 February 2016 /Wednesday
11cm x 15cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I sent BP my blog notes and thanked her for sharing of her own knitting artwork and poem. I asked her permission to include her poem on my blog so, with her consent, here it is:

photo 4

Took some more pictures.

I did more knitting than I expected to, especially considering I was also working on the sockdolls today and lots of focused time on the computer as well. I ended up getting sucked into enjoyable viewing though so I knitted away while watching and found it very relaxing.

Actually, I find it easier to watch the ‘crap’ I would have watched anyway if I have something to do that is constructive at the same time. The combination just makes the experience even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Monday and Tuesday were almost equal in accumulation but today is significantly longer. It is such a contract to last Wednesday in terms of my knitting experience:
• different quality of yarns altogether – one is pure cotton and has a knotted and uneven texture, while the other is very even and acrylic in quality;
• Dramatic difference in shade of yellow – last week was a bright cadmium while this week is a pale, creamy colour.
• the double yarns this week creates a tight, compact stitching that is thick and reminds me of those pot-holders we used to make as kids on a plastic loom. – whereas last week the knitting was loose, uneven texture.

I like the pale yellow alongside the grey lead yarn.



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