Week 5 – 4 February 2016 /Thursday

Week 5 – 4 February 2016 /Thursday
6cm x 15.5 (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2741 copyShared the project with A after meeting up for coffee at Espressini – she came over to see my dolls and the knitting. She was very positive about the project and appreciated how the element of ‘time’ was implemented in the project. That being a theme she is also interested in in her work.

She also commented on the evenness of this current Time Piece – compared to the January ones. She expressed her preference to the more haphazard character of last month’s pieces, which M also commented on without even seeing the Feb one yet. It is interesting because I can see that this is a matter of taste and personality. Personally, I am enjoying the evenness, order and consistency that this Time Piece offers. I like the way the lead thread holds everything together.

I knitted later in the day – with my new pea green yarn – the same brand as the aquamarine, steel grey, brick red, pale yellow and similar to the peach yarn (but not the same). I am saving the labels in my Daily Log for reference.


The double yarn balls and tangled threads challenge is getting easier for me. I even have Luna on my lap while I am knitting on the couch tonight.


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