Week 5 – 5 February 2016 /Friday

Week 5 – 5 February 2016 /Friday
15cm x 15.5cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2743 copyKnitting with the same Aqua marine blue yarn as last week. That colour is the also what I have designated as the colour for the period of my life that I was at Hampshire College (1988- 1992).

I am eager to make a special knitting piece – an off-shoot of this weekly Knitting Time project to knit the various phases of my life that have previously been explored through colour coding during my PhD work. I intend to approach this by designating a year as a specific measurement in centimeters. So that for example – if each year = 12 cm than 1988-1991 would be 48cm – or if I then want to get precise about it…which I do…I would work out the number of months exactly and how much that would be in cm.
I am currently saving all my old Daily Logs so that I can work out a precise timeline of events to knit to.
More to come on this one…

Today I was told by BW (an astrologer friend of the family) that my chart shows a fixed pre-disposition and extreme stubbornness of character….not news to me or most of those who know me well!

I talked about how I had deliberately engaged with Capoeira in the past as a way of developing ‘flexibility’ to counter these personality traits.
He advised that I concertedly and consistently continue to work on incorporating and enhancing ‘flexibility’ and ‘spontaneity’ in my being.
I began to think about this in terms of the Knitting Time project. The actual knitting of the Time Pieces, and the reflection on the project, help me to understand my own interest in colour- coding and to examine the patterns of my decision-making in relation to clarity, rigidity, flexibility, stubbornness… as well as other things.


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