Week 5 – 6 February 2016 /Saturday

Week 5 – 6 February 2016 /Saturday
2cm x 15cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

Today I was happy knitting with the purple yarn from last week – alongside the grey. However, in the end o did not get much opportunity to accumulate much ‘mass’ in my knitting efforts today. The result is a relatively thin dark purple strip after fairly even widths in the previous knitting sessions this week.


I am eager to try larger needles next week and hope to get to Trago tomorrow.

Following on from my thoughts yesterday about where there are opportunities for ‘flexibility’ in my Knitting Time process, I began to breakdown the variables that I am ‘playing’ with here:
• knitting needles: size, materials (metal, wood or plastic…other?), shape
• yarns: texture, colours, thickness, type of fibres, resources and sources
• casting: width / number of stitches; straight (rectangular panels) or tubular (i.e socks)
• stitches: knit, purl – patterns, sequences
• combinations of these elements

In addition to the knitting itself there are also the other aspects of the Knitting Time project:
• the blog as a (new for me) online format
• the content of the blog as a reflective journal and opportunity to dialogue and share with others.
• The actual dialogues and conversations that come out of this process
• Photography as a way of documenting the knitting and related images and as a way of continuing the photographic element of my CreativeCore practice.


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