Week 6 – 11 February 2016 / Thursday

Week 6 – 11 February 2016 / Thursday
21 cm x 22-21 cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I went back to The Wool Basket today and bought three more yarns: light lime green, purple with mini-sequins, magenta with flecks. I wanted more ‘playful’ yarns to continue this theme in the current Time Piece. I wasn’t overwhelmed with my choices but kind of happy with what I got. There were some more very fluffy yarns on sale that I did not buy because they were the wrong colours. Instead the ones I got were much more conservative in size, texture and coloure but each had appealing little hints of character.

The light lime green yarn that I got to use today is not a single colour but a quietly mutating shift between grey, lavender and a chartreuse – giving it an overall impression of a light lime green. The yarn blends nicely in weight, size and colour with the grey ‘lead’ yarn of Feb. I began using this immediately. I left the yarn shop and met up with R and C at a coffee place in town with big couches. I knitted for an hour there while we chatted.

I was a bit embarrassed about the ‘monster’ I was working on – and ‘bringing it out’ in public but R seemed to really like it.


It was interesting to learn that C is an experienced knitter who is in the process of knitting a Nativity set; as well as regularly knitting baby hats, booties and blankets for a charity in Uganda set up by someone she knows.

C is interested in getting together to knit – which needs to be before the end of the month if it is realistically going to happen before I return to work and she relocates to the north of England.

In addition to knitting…and talking about knitting…I also spent time today researching blog ‘themes’ ad identifying a few that I liked or that seemed useful to how I imagine my blog to look.


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