Week 7 – 15 February 2016 / Monday

Week 7 – 15 February 2016 / Monday
5cm x 21.5 – 23cm – (s 9mm & 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

I am still using 9mm needles today because I haven’t been to Trago to buy a smaller size pair yet. Also at the tail end of my first scan of February ‘lead’ yarn and need to buy more to get through the end of the month.

I went with a brown yarn today – an ‘burnt umber’ colour that sits within my own personal interpretation of “reds’ – which is a wide-encompassing spectrum really of reds, browns and creams. I have not used a brown yet in the Knitting Time project – it was a nice change from last week’s garish choice.

I did not have the opportunity to actually knit that much today – only 5cm worth – a few lines…

In addition to my knitting though, I worked on the hair of my other niece’s doll so that I would know how much orange yarn I had left over to use on Tuesday for knitting.


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