Week 7 –16 February 2016 / Tuesday

Week 7 –16 February 2016 / Tuesday
9.5 cm x 21-19 cm – (s 9mm & 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

IMG_2768Today I wrapped what was left of the February lead yarn around my nice chocolate wrapper to keep it under control. I also finished the hair on the sock doll so that I was free to use the orange yarn. It is the same yarn I had initially wanted to use last week and very excited to try it along with the lead yarn. I started knitting in the morning using the 9mm needles.


Later in the morning, I went to Trago and bought more yarn and size 6mm knitting needles. I am now building a small selection of needles to work with. When I got home I resumed knitting and switched from the 9mm to the 6mm. I like the idea of moving between different size needles.

I bought the book on knitting and colour that I had seen at Trago a few weeks ago – “Exploring Color in Knitting: techniques, swatches, and projects to expand your knitting horizons” by Sarah Hazell and Emma King (2011). I probably won’t really look at it for a while but it was less than £4 so I thought I would make sure to get it before it was no longer there to buy.


I spent a lot of time looking at the yarns in relation to next months ‘lead’ colour. I was unable to come to any definitive decision yet so I didn’t buy the March lead colour yet. I want to use a thin, shiny, part-bamboo yarn like the orange yarn I am using today, but in a light turquoise colour (I think). I might need to go to The Wool Basket for it. I am also not 100% certain of the colour. I am pretty sure I want April to be the light green wool I recently bought so I am thinking of the progression from Feb through March into April.

I am hoping that if I continue into a second year of the project that I have my colour scheme more worked out before I start next year.


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