Week 7 – 17 February 2016 / Wednesday

Week 7 – 17 February 2016 / Wednesday
6.5 cm x 19 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

IMG_2770I did not start knitting until 9pm tonight – late for me and only for 30 minutes. It was a comic scene really – me laying on the couch, propped up by pillow against the armrest as usual – knitting in the almost dark while watching TV – again a common evening occurance – but feeling more rushed than usual to get as miuch knitting done in a short space of time. The cat decided tonight was a good night to sit on my chest between my knitting and me. The 2 x scans of yarn (yellow and grey) kept getting very intertwined and I could barely reach beyond the cat to untangle them. This was ongoing for the whole 30 minutes, while “relaxing”.

IMG_2776 copy 4It was a frustrating session, but I still managed to knit a fair amount. I liked the light, creamy yellow next to the bright orange of the day before. I had considered using white yarn for the day but didn’t want to buy any more yesterday at Trago. I decided to just work with what I have for the moment.

I ended the truncated session with a longing for more knitting. 30 minutes is not enough to feel I have had my ‘knitting fix’ for the day.

I did also, however, spend 3 hours getting my blog updated and basically ready to share with people. I can’t help laughing to myself….I was reluctant to take up knitting because I did not feel I had the time to commit to anything potentially all-consuming as my life already felt too full to manage well. Now, in making a solution to this that enables me to feel able to commit I have added this whole other dimension of the blogging that takes up just as much time, if not more, than the knitting. For the amount of time I spend writing notes in my Daily Log, measuring and photographing the Time Pieces and getting them up onto the blog I probably could have knitted my own coat by now…or at lest started to learn how to knit something ‘useful’. But still this is what happens when I begin to engage with something creatively…it takes on a life of its own and leads me down absurd and delightful pathways of creative exploration…


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