Week 7 – 19 February 2016 / Friday

Week 7 – 19 February 2016 / Friday
11cm x 18cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line


“I’ve got the blues”… I started my knitting thoughts today with a photograph of all the blue yarns I had to choose from for knitting on this Friday. Most of the blues I have are closer to greys, so I opted for my bright aqua marine blue again.

I sat down at 10am and did a little knitting – just a few rows – to get started on the blue and enjoy knitting in a relaxed way…in daylight. It gave me an opportunity to think about my day and what else needs to be done. I was reminded of the sensation I had when I first started knitting in NY in January – where I was in a very different daily rhythm and often made time in the morning first thing, or a few moments during the day to knit in between other activities. Thinking about that other, relaxed, rhythm helped me to relax now like I was then. It felt nice to just take some time out for a moment to sit and knit…

While I was doing that, I considered trying to use larger needles on my days off of work once I return to KB full-time (1st of March) than during my work week. I also wondered if I can use different sized needles to denote different times of the day that I might be knitting…either as a separate coding or in conjunction with the different types of days. These are just some of the knitting thoughts that pass through me while I am knitting my yarns.


I also spent time on Wednesday morning measuring and making notes on the week’s Time Piece so far. Later that evening I continued to knit more.



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