Week 9 – 1 March 2016 / Tuesday

Week 9 – 1 March 2016 / Tuesday
8 cm x 19-18 cm– (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

I am behind in uploading last week’s blog…there is always going to be a delay there I fear…
I am very excited about the new month – 1st March today and the start of a new ‘lead’ colour. I am not sure about the choice, as it feels more of a summer colour – especially in the cotton – but I wanted a thin yarn and a blue- moving into green so this is what I have committed to.

IMG_2857I resurrected the last of my ‘peach’ yarn from my Mom’s collection because of how it went with the new lead yarn. I thought using the other thin, bamboo orange but it seemed like just too tropical a colour combination for this time of year.
I want to get all new colours to work with this month. I also want to mark going back to full-time work for next 8 months somehow in the Time Pieces. It is a big transition!
I knitted from approx. 8:30 -9:30pm. I ran out of my peach yarn mid-row. That is the end of the peach…I want to get more yarn that goes well with the march ‘lead’ turquoise.


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