Week 9 – 3 March 2016 / Thursday

Week 9 – 3 March 2016 / Thursday
5.5 cm x 17 cm – (s 6mm plastic) 
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

IMG_2852Went to Trago early in the morning to buy green yarns…ended up with another purple as well.

Mid-morning a few lines with new yarn just to get it going…5pm waiting for K at her house, a few more lines while talking to P. Not very much accumulated for the today in total however…too much going on with KB and CAST dinner.

Wrote about my knitting in my 5 min writing exercise today as well though:

I was very disappointed in myself for not getting up to go to 6:15am class and then also blowing off the 7am class and not even just going to enjoy the spa. Instead I chose to indulge in ‘bed’time, which was nice but still frustrated at my morning not going to plan…and feeling unfocused about my morning.

Then I remembered my yarn excursion planned for Trago – followed by my decafe cuppacino from espressini … That got me up and dressed and ready quickly. I enjoyed a long conversation with R on the phone down by the slipway before going into Tragos.
I also enjoyed my yarn purchases, although I feel so limited in choice havingto always buy from either The Wool Basket or Trago.

I had an hour at home to try to relax before D returned with the car and I needed to leave. I found it hard to relax. I tried knitting, reading and eating; but all in quick succession and not really able to deeply enter any activity. When I left I was grumpy and feeling sorry for myself and not even clear why.


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