Week 9 – 6 March 2016 / Sunday

Week 9 – 6 March 2016 / Sunday
3.5 cm x 16.5 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

This was a big day for knitting – although the Time Piece itself had only a small contribution. I started knitting in the morning to finish the Time Piece before going out for lunch to celebrate UK Mother’s Day with family. I only had a small bit of the flecked magenta yarn left and wanted to use it up. I ended up running out and having to attach a new magenta yarn in order to finish the line and cast off.

I brought needles and Feb lead yarn with me and while we drove to the restaurant l looked up the bunting triangle pattern and started to try to knit a triangle.
I did not bring my knitting into the restaurant but carried on in the car as we went to M’s for tea and dessert. I carried on knitting when we got there. This time, seated at a large table full of desserts the knitting did help me not to eat too much…thankfully!
I ended up ripping the first (and half of the second) triangle out, because the angle did not seem right for either bunting or my own purposes:

I decided to knit a triangle for each of the months with their lead colour – so that I have a colour wheel of the 12 months of this year at the end…a ‘pie chart’ of the lead colours.
Halfway through my second triangle I abandoned the pattern and just worked with my own intuition. I was starting from the ‘point’ outward and adding stitches as I increased.
The pattern was:
Cast on 2 stitches
Knit across
K1, loop yarn over needle (yo), K1
Knit all three stiches, treating the yo like a normal stitch
K1,yo,K1,yo,K1, yo, K1,
K1,yo,K1,yo,K1 all the stitches until the last one,
Knit across
Knit across
Knit across (repeat until happy)
Cast off
(or something like that – thisis what my notes say anyway- the website link was in last Time Piece the week before when I found the pattern online.)

IMG_2942I found it hard to know what it really meant but I think I figured it out – but the angle was too wide too soon, so eventually I started just adding a single stitch every line (J suggested that as how she would do it) or randomly when it seemed time to increase the angle as I built up from the point.

I learned that it is best not to add a stitch at the end of the row – better to bury it a few stitches in so the edges are solid and have integrity. I had fun just playing around and trying to grasp the geometry of it.

I also enjoyed being in a room with several seasoned knitters and hearing some of their interests in knitting. D showed me a scarf she had knitted for many people this winter for Xmas presents with a very funky yarn.

Later when we got home I knitted another triangle using the ‘January’ lead yarn…which actually was never used in January because I had not thought of doing a lead yarn yet…but if I had thought of it – this is the colour I would have chosen. It is the light purple yarn with the tiny sequins that I used.

I also knitted a swatch for my ‘Month of Sundays’ stash…using the solid magenta I had finished of the Time Piece with earlier in the day. I forgot that I cast on 24 stitches last week and I went for 31 this time. As it is about months rather than days of the week.



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