Time goes by….

The blog was becoming a stress in my life. I have managed to not skip a day of actual knitting since I started the Knitting Time project and yet I was over 2 months behind in uploading my notes, pictures and measurements in the format I had structured. It was becoming unmanageable and unpleasant. I realised that I was not approaching the blog as a ‘blog’ but in a very rigid structure that lends itself better to a different format. I tried to find a satisfactory way out of my self-created conundrum and finally a solution has presented itself….

These are images of some of the Time Pieces I have made since Time Pice IX was posted. I am now on week 21 (I think without checking my notes).

‘Time goes by…’ or ‘Life happens…’ – So I haven’t uploaded every day and every entry. I am just going to re-boot my prices and start from now. I am not going to try to be so structured in my posting. I am simply going to add things to the blog when I have time and inclination. I think this is a more appropriate use of a ‘blog’ space and it might even be more enjoyable for reading….

I like to think at the end of the year I might finish putting the whole thing together in the original format – but who knows.. I may have better things to do!

The whole Knitting Time project has been intended as an exploration into knitting, time and blogging. This feels like a momentous turning point in my attitude and understanding of these themes.


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