Time Piece III

Time piece III: 18 – 24 January 2016
102 cm x 19.5cm

Week 3 – 18 January 2016 / Monday
17 cm x 13 – 16cm – (s 8 metal/wood)
knit and purl every other line

This week is the third time with the deep red yarn. I still enjoy it. It also has come to be a consistent feature of the January Time Pieces that I want to carry though the month.

The background decision I often concern myself with is to do with the month’s representation in relation to each week. It is my intention to make this a project about weeks, but I still want the months to be easily distinguished. I also want to perhaps acknowledge the 4 x seasons/quarters as well…but maybe that is too much too soon.

This project is making me really explore my colour coding ‘logic’ (or lack of) and what is significant about it for me.

I decided to make this week’s focus on knit and purl in alternate rows (leading up to alternate stitches next).

I enjoyed having knitting in the car on route to the airport. After I had already checked in I remembered to ask about bringing knitting needles on the plane. The woman said if they were metal they would be taken away but wood was ok. I was glad I asked and very pleased that I had kept my wooden circular ones ready to make the switch. I did this in the food court at Newark while B & Mom figured out which delightful fast food dinner they were going to enjoy.
B finally went for a Wendy’s burger and fries while Mom had a Mexican ‘bowl’ of rice and beans. I had some of hers and we all shared a chocolate chip cookie together before I left to go through security and we said our ‘Good-byes’.

I knitted more before boarding and then on the plane as well.

Week 3 – 19 January 2016 / Tuesday
13 cm x 16 – 17cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

I changed the yarn over at Paddington and began the second week of the nice peach yarn…continuing with the knit and purl every other line. I try to break after just finishing a purl row so that I know when I pick it up again I can start with knit.
I knitted waiting for the train and then throughout the long train journey – although I did have a 2 hour nap between Reading and Exeter.

Week 3 – 20 January 2016 / Wednesday
20 cm x 17 – 18cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

Today I tried purl with the yellow textured cotton yarn and it went better than I expected. I really slept most of the day and only knitted while watching some tv with D in the evening. I can see that this will work well and that this is where most of my knitting will take place now that I’m back home.

Week 3 – 21 January 2016 / Thursday
16 cm x 19cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

I knitted briefly in bed when I first woke up and then in the evening again watching tv. I took it to town with me but never got to it.

I took a photograph of Time Pieces I & II on the kitchen floor. Also a picture of Luna sitting on my knitting…I can look forward to thin white cat hair integrated into most of the Knitting Time project, but I am hoping to prevent her from sitting on it as much as possible.

IMG_2664 copy

Week 3 – 22 January 2016 / Friday
10 cm x 17cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

I did not bring my knitting to Espressini to meet with R. I knew we would be too busy catching up to do any. Nor did I bring it later to R & F’s for the dinner party for the same reasons. I still managed to knit a fair amount though: some in bed when I first woke up again, then later when I was helping D but he was looking for things.

I also spent time starting to work on the writing part of the Knitting Time project. Spent a few minutes looking at Word Press blog templates and reading tips on starting blogs…got overwhelmed with that part and tried to start filling in the blanks of a daily journal that could form the basis of a blog.

Questions that came up during these activities included:

I tried to think about photographs – what I already have and what I think is missing that I could take.

I wondered what format or layout for the blog would best reflect the way I understand my Knitting Time project – while also being user friendly.

I generally concluded that I need to talk to J about setting up the blog in relation to my CreativeCore website…hopefully he can help me with the technical aspects as well as giving advice on the layout.

Level of disclosure in the blog and anonymity (to protect the innocent)… I like that the blog focuses specifically on the knitting and my relationship to that and therefore limits how much personal information I need to even consider. This related back to conversation I had with B at dinner and his experience of trying to write about 40 days of intention on someone else’s blog.

I was overwhelmed with how much time it takes to write through my thoughts and at the same time very interested in the relationship between the writing and the knitting.

The writing becomes a theme and a discipline in itself, hat relates to my daily log and offers an opportunity to explore the craft of writing more regularly. This is something I have been hoping to do for some time now anyway and this gives me a channel to start.

Also reminded of Marion Milner’s book: On not being able to paint – as a similar exploration – although within a different context and emphasis on a psychoanalytic interpretation. P had recommended I read that book during my PhD and although I did a bit – I know I should revisit it with more care now.

I have an older version but this is what Amazon says about a recent edition:

M Milner not paint coverMilner’s great study, first published in 1950, discusses the nature of creativity and those forces which prevent its expression. In focusing on her own beginner’s efforts to draw and paint, she analyses not the mysterious and elusive ability of the genius but – as the title suggests – the all too common and distressing situation of ‘not being able’ to create.

With a new introduction by Janet Sayers, this edition of On Not Being Able to Paint brings the text to the present generation of readers in the fields of psychoanalysis, education and all those, specialist and general audiences alike, with an interest or involvement in the creative process and those impulses impeding it in many fields.

I am tempted to buy this version sometime to read the introduction. I also see that in addition to that book she has another one that also looks relevant:

M Milner Life coverHow often do we ask ourselves, ‘What will make me happy? What do I really want from life?’ In A Life of One’s Own Marion Milner explores these questions and embarks on a seven year personal journey to discover what it is that makes her happy.
On its first publication, W. H. Auden found the book ‘as exciting as a detective story’ and, as Milner searches out clues, the reader quickly becomes involved in the chase. Using her own personal diaries, kept over many years, she analyses moments of everyday life and discovers ways of being, of looking, of moving, that bring surprising joy – ways which can be embraced by anyone.
With a new introduction by Rachel Bowlby this classic remains a great adventure in thinking and living and will be essential reading for all those interested in reflecting on the nature of their own happiness – whether readers from a literary, an artistic, a historical, an educational or a psychoanalytic/psychotherapeutic background.

I can see that she is someone I need to pay more attention to now in relation to my CreativeCore development. Her publications include:
– A Life of One’s Own 1934
– An Experiment in Leisure 1937
– The Human Problem in Schools 1938
– On Not Being Able to Paint 1950
– The Hands of the Living God 1969
– “The Suppressed Madness of Sane Men: Forty-Four Years of Exploring Psychoanalysis” 1987

Week 3 – 23 January 2016 / Saturday
18 cm x 14cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

Spent more time working on my Daily Log and Knitting Time blog. I cut samples of each yarn for every day so far that I could and tied them to their respective day in my Daily Log. I am missing a few from the first week because I was so limited in my supply and used all of it at the time for knitting – also I had not yet realized that I wanted to keep a sample. Now I know to cut them back.

I enjoyed sharing my knitting with J and listening to her tell me about the knitting she used to do a long time ago when D and M were small. I was very impressed. I am very impressed with anyone who can knit a garment. She also talked about knitting baby clothes and I realized that one can knit very thin, fine things depending on the yarn and the size of needles – an obvious thing but I hadn’t thought about how fine one could go until J mentioned the baby clothes.

I noticed that my knitting has improved and I am knitting much faster now – even in purl stitch. I was glad to have my knitting to do after we ate dinner at Prezzo with D’s parents.

It did raise a question for me though about where it is and is not appropriate for me to bring my knitting. It did not really feel that appropriate at the restaurant and during most social interactions – but sometimes it is worth it to me anyway.

I was knitting with a small ball of dark purple yarn from E’s supply and basically ran out – forcing me to end my knitting for the day. I think I would have continued otherwise.

I was frustrated by that and also aware that I had very little magenta yarn lined up for the next day – so I worried that the same thing would happen tomorrow.

There is a difference between running out of time to knit and running out of yarn!

However, even given that retstarint my weekly swatches – especially this week 3 with all the travelling – are much longer than I had envisioned. I would not want each one to get any longer really.

I found myself mulling over questions to do with my colour code – motivated by how ugly I feel the ROY G BIV ‘pattern’ is – I have a longing for a more subtle combination of colours while at the same time feel committed to my Code. I am curious about the boundaries and range of each colour – but I am growing aware also that there is a limitation to access of the coloured yarn that greatly influences what actually gets knitted.
I think having a ‘lead’ colour for the month that I knit into each day with the respective colur will provide a continuity and aesthetic difference but we’ll see.
I also considered the option of knitting each day separately. But this year the project is about weeks not individual days…maybe another time…

Week 3 – 24 January 2016 / Sunday
6 cm x 14cm – (s 8 wood)
knit and purl every other line

I knitted my way up to Newquay today while D drove us to look at a second hand couch we found on Gumtree – white leather for £50.

I have only a small ball of one of the pink yarns I used in week 1. I used it all up and cast off before we got to the couch.

I had no knitting to do when we drove home, or when we drove back to Newquay later in the day for a failed attempt to actually collect the couch in F’s car. There was a size 12 and a size 14 socket but no 13, which is what we needed to get the feet off the couch to enable us to get it through the doorways.

In completing this Time Piece III and thinking about significantly longer it was than the first two – I decided I want to keep a measurement of each completed time piece in addition to the tracking of each day. Something I need to go back and do for the first 2 as well.

Also need to think about how they hang. I don’t like how much the dark red yarn gets stretched if I hang them down from Monday in the way I want them to read.

IMG_2672 copy