Time Piece IV

Time Piece IV: 25 – 31 January 2016
77cm x 18 cm

Week 4 Time piece 25 - 31 Jan 16

Week 4 – 25 January 2016 / Monday
10.25 cm x 14 cm – (s 4mm plastic)
knit and purl every other line

IMG_2671 copyI started the day with a list of coloured yarns I wanted to buy in town. I went to the wool shop and to Trago to see what they both had in stock. In the end I refrained from buying anything except a 4cm pair of plastic needles.

I was dismayed, but not surprised, to discover that the UK has a different sizing system than USA. I was also amazed to only se either exceptionally long needles or very short ones – none of them looked like the familiar needles I am used to seeing in the States.

The needles I bought are very short in length (17cm before the knob at end) and half the thickness of the 8’s I have been using so far (4.0mm).

Trago had some interesting books on knitting that I would like to get, especially one on colour specifically for £3.99 – hardly expensive but I still need to wait to buy it.

Looking at the books reminded me of Julia Cameron’s weekly ‘Artist’s Dates’ exercise and that coming here could constitute such a date; as could visiting yarn shops and generally surrounding myself with inspiring and stimulating materials and resources.

The procurement of yarn feels complicated and expensive and something I need to consider. It seems there are many issues to resolve – or at least play with – in this realm. Although it is slightly overwhelming it is comforting to remember that it really doesn’t matter what choices I make – only that I keep choosing and moving (or knitting rather) forward with the project and the fulfillment of the intention… a good reminder for life in general too I think.

Instead of buying new yearns I decided to continue with the small stock that I have for the time being. I also decided to really go through my own yarn supplies at home and make a good (“honest and thorough”) inventory of what I already have to use before investing any money.

Most of what seems available here in Falmouth is either very extra chunky yarns or very thin, not much in a medium gage.

I was excited to switch to smaller needles to see what that was like and to see if it produces a smaller swatch at the end of the week.

I am having a problem when I cast on and get to the last stitch in the next row – there is a long piece of yarn between the needles that shouldn’t be there but cannot be taken out without loosing a stitch. I am obviously doing something a little wrong…

I didn’t start my day’s knitting until the evening while we watched an episode of ‘Black Sails’ but knitted from about 6:30pm – 11pm in the end.

Week 4 – 26 January 2016 / Tuesday
9 cm x 12 cm – (s 4mm plastic)
knit and purl every other line

I started the morning with a decision to make about some work I was offered over the weekend (with no financial incentive). When I finally decided to decline so that I could focus on my own projects – like writing up the Knitting Time diary entries so far and preparing my February Log, etc I was filled with energy to propel me out of bed despite my sore body from the gym the day before. I was eager to get ‘stuck in’ to things…

I spent time in the morning going through my own yarn supplies to see what I have. I also managed to get rid of lots of socks that I had been hoarding for sock dolls in the process. While many of them were potentially useful I know I will prefer to get specific socks for each doll and not tend to use many of what I was saving. Others were just in really bad condition and not worth saving. It felt good to do a bit of editing and making room in my drawer for new yarns, etc.

I discovered that I do not have many useful yarns for the Knitting Time project – although many that will be good for the sock dolls. A few overlaps – like the brown yarn I got for the ‘Mischa’ doll hair just before I left in November.

I had fun taking some pictures of yesterday’s knitting and realize the photography is another element of the bog format that I know I will enjoy.

IMG_2670 copy

IMG_2669 copy

Went back to The Wool Basket shop in Falmouth today and bought some new yarns – thin varieties of orange, pale yellow and (Aquamarine/Hampshire) blue. The yellow and the blue were very inexpensive. The orange yarn is a nicer one (50% acrylic and 50% bamboo) – and more costly. I seem to be drawn to the more expensive yarns the bamboo and silk ones. I am dismayed to realize that yarns have a ‘fashion’ currency and you can tell what is ‘in’ and what it not – or at least I can tell a little. I am sure much of the subtly of the knitting scene is completely lost on my ignorance of the craft…but I see of glimpse of that aspect of things.

I only bought 3 x colours today but with plans to go back to Trago again at end of the week for purple, magenta and a ‘February lead’ colour.

I thought that the new orange yarn would be smoother to work with as it has a very silky feel and is very fine. It is marigold – or tangerine – orange and reminds me of embroidery thread. Like embroidery thread it is made up of many thinner strands. The new plastic needles do not glide well with the yarn however.

I really like the colour. It reminds me of T and W and their flaming orange heads every time I look at it.

Still finding it hard to reconcile my colour schemes for the individual Time pieces and curious about using the ‘lead’ thread next month. Also finding it hard to keep track of which line I am doing – knit or purl…I am frustrated that I cannot tell from just looking where I am.

Week 4 – 27 January 2016 / Wednesday
9 cm x 17 cm – (s 4cm plastic)
knit and purl every other line

I am using the same yellow yarn today as I did in week 2 & 3. I decided to wait to use the pale yellow one I bought yesterday. I liked the tone of the brighter yellow with the new orange that I had used yesterday. It worked better than the pale one would have.
I showed my Time pieces to M and talked more about the project with him. In the conversation I articulated my interest in using the Knitting Time project as a way of exploring the blog format and thought it was an interesting juxtaposition that such a traditional hand-based craft might be the catalyst for a personal technological advancement. I knitted a bit through the day but as I was doing lots of talking, etc I couldn’t really focus on the knit/purl attention.

I did knit through T’s teleseminar in the evening though (and watching ‘True Detectives’ the hour before). The teleseminar is another introduction to technological possibilities for sharing ideas – although not sure it is exactly something I have use for myself.

The yellow yarn was even more difficult with the plastic needles than it has been in previous weeks – which makes me think maybe it is the plastic itself – I think I prefer metal.

I also talked with M about making the procurement of yarns another focus of the Knitting Time project. Asking friends to give me any scrap yarns they have from old projects and recording the stories of where the yarn has come from.

I had a fantasy of also going to charity shops and buying knitted clothing and unraveling them to use the yarn – it would be cheaper than buying new scans!

We further discussed the difference between using a pre-organised structure of colour that I buy and work out in advance and the alternative of just choosing everyday and letting it have more variation. While we both prefer the variation of a more idiosyncratic approach – it is hard for e to resist imposing my Code and refining my Code with the project, which will mean a certain degree of pre-figuring. I realized in talking that I just don’t have enough stock yet. I want to be able to choose each day from a wide variety of colours and I just don’t have that much yarn in my possession yet.

Week 4 – 28 January 2016 / Thursday
9 cm x 12.5 cm – (s 4cm plastic)
knit 1 / purl 1 (ribbing)

IMG_2704 copyI decided to try knit 1/purl 1 for the first time. I am excited to start playing around with different stitches. I googled ‘knitting stitches’ to see what else there is but I didn’t spend much time looking at the results. I see that ‘Cable stitch’ is one. I think it might be useful to get a workbook of different stitches, but I realize that I can just go online…I still prefer books that’s all. I might also ask E for some direction and supervision of the overall Knitting Time project.

Week 4 – 29 January 2016 / Friday
9 cm x 12.5 cm – (s 4cm plastic)
knit 1 / purl 1 (ribbing)

I didn’t start knitting until about 7pm when I was seated at the table with my dinner guests. I was self-conscious about knitting with them. It was also a challenge to pay attention to knit 1/purl 1 and talk at the same time, but it was actually easier than I expected.

I shared my Knitting Time project with everyone.
R & R appreciated the intention element to some degree and R commented on the potential value of the project in terms of learning how to knit – using each swatch as a ‘sampler’.

F commented on how much 52 Time Pieces would weigh and I am curious about what that will come to…too much to make posting an easy option for next year’s show at the Amity Gallery probably…

Week 4 – 30 January 2016 / Saturday
11.5 cm x 12 cm – (s 4cm plastic)
knit 1 / purl 1 (ribbing)

IMG_2700 copyI went to Trago today (after collecting and installing our new couch) and bought lots more yarn. As I was walking to town I had a premonition of me getting yarn ‘fixes’ when I need excitement in my life: rushing to a wool shop at every opportunity to satisfy my need for something nice – has it come to that? I guess so…

I spent a long time at Trago deciding what to buy – weighing up colours and then textures vs. price. I got a grey blue for my ‘lead’ yarn for next month. I also got purple, magenta, green and red – and then a few yarns for my sock dolls. I was frustrated with the choice of reds, but actually that is probably the colour I have the most variation with at this point.


Spent the evening knitting on my new couch while we watched a film (A Thousand Times Good-Bye). I used my new deep eggplant coloured purple yarn (Patons – 55% wool, 25% acrylic and 20% nylon; shade 06245) from Trago. It was very dark in the light from my small side-light in the front room. It felt like I was knitting in black but I knew otherwise.

Week 4 – 31 January 2016 /Sunday
11.5 cm x 11cm– (s 4cm plastic)
knit 1 / purl 1 (ribbing)

IMG_2705 copySpent 4.5 hours catching up the Knitting Time commentary from my diary notes onto the computer so that I am now up to date with today.

I am very excited to explore more of Marion Milner, which came out of my mention of her earlier in the week and then looking her up on Amazon today.

I keep looking at SF’s image on her card and relating it to the Knitting Time project. I liked that card especially because the day I had just had a dream that I could see energy manifest in the air around me, and it looked like the white lines she has on the image…but they are also like knitted yarn….

I had a good chat with Mom who suggested I ask people for yarn for my Birthday…I like that idea.
She also told me that knit 1/purl 1 is a ribbing stitch – along with knit 2/purl 2 which I will try tomorrow.

Also spent some time re-photographing the 3 earlier Time Pieces and measuring them. I want more photographs but the light is not really good enough to bother with at this time.

Finished the week with an hour of knitting in my new magenta yarn from The Wool Basket while watching the next installment of ‘Black Sails’. Luna and I have worked out how she can lay on my lap and I can still knit.

Hard to photograph these long thin shapes well, but easier in daylight. I might try my panoramic setting actually.

Finally, I looked up the definition of ‘yarn’ online as I have been using it as a very generic term and wanted to see if that was accurate:

1. spun thread used for knitting, weaving or sewing.
Synonyms: thread, cotton, wool, fibre, filament, strand

2. a long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible
Synonyms: story, tale, anecdote, fable, parable, traveller’s tale, fairy story, rigmarole, saga, sketch, narrative, reminiscence, account, report, history

v-1. tell a long or implausible story.

Like my blog….a good ‘yarn’ (hopefully)