Time Piece IX

Time Piece IX: 29 February – 6 March 2016
69cm x 19-16cm


Week 9 – 29 February 2016 / Monday
4.5 cm x 19 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

Casted on at 10am. Last day of February (a leap year). Did not get to knit until back from yoga after 9:30pm…only managed a few lines before bed.

IMG_2857 copy

Week 9 – 1 March 2016 / Tuesday
8 cm x 19-18 cm– (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

I am behind in uploading last week’s blog…there is always going to be a delay there I fear…
I am very excited about the new month – 1st March today and the start of a new ‘lead’ colour. I am not sure about the choice, as it feels more of a summer colour – especially in the cotton – but I wanted a thin yarn and a blue- moving into green so this is what I have committed to.

IMG_2857I resurrected the last of my ‘peach’ yarn from my Mom’s collection because of how it went with the new lead yarn. I thought using the other thin, bamboo orange but it seemed like just too tropical a colour combination for this time of year.
I want to get all new colours to work with this month. I also want to mark going back to full-time work for next 8 months somehow in the Time Pieces. It is a big transition!
I knitted from approx. 8:30 -9:30pm. I ran out of my peach yarn mid-row. That is the end of the peach…I want to get more yarn that goes well with the march ‘lead’ turquoise.

Week 9 – 2 March 2016 / Wednesday
25 cm x 18-17 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

I knitted from 6pm – 8:30pm…a relatively long knitting session. It was so nice to have some time to relax into the knitting and really enjoy it!
I am finding it easy to work with the 2 x yarns together – a creamy, light yellow yarn of thin-ish gage and the March turquoise..very Easter like.
I want to go to Trago in the morning and get an emerald green yarn to work with…or something darker even.

I am finding it easier to tell knit from purl at the start of a row today.


Week 9 – 3 March 2016 / Thursday
5.5 cm x 17 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

IMG_2852Went to Trago early in the morning to buy green yarns…ended up with another purple as well.


Mid-morning a few lines with new yarn just to get it going…5pm waiting for K at her house, a few more lines while talking to P. Not very much accumulated for the today in total however…too much going on with KB and CAST dinner.

Wrote about my knitting in my 5 min writing exercise today as well though:

I was very disappointed in myself for not getting up to go to 6:15am class and then also blowing off the 7am class and not even just going to enjoy the spa. Instead I chose to indulge in ‘bed’time, which was nice but still frustrated at my morning not going to plan…and feeling unfocused about my morning.

Then I remembered my yarn excursion planned for Trago – followed by my decafe cuppacino from espressini … That got me up and dressed and ready quickly. I enjoyed a long conversation with R on the phone down by the slipway before going into Tragos.
I also enjoyed my yarn purchases, although I feel so limited in choice havingto always buy from either The Wool Basket or Trago.

I had an hour at home to try to relax before D returned with the car and I needed to leave. I found it hard to relax. I tried knitting, reading and eating; but all in quick succession and not really able to deeply enter any activity. When I left I was grumpy and feeling sorry for myself and not even clear why.

Week 9 – 4 March 2016 / Friday
13.5 cm x 17cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

I used last month’s ‘lead’ yarn as my ‘blue’ colour today, although it is a steel grey really. Greys fit into my ‘blue’ spectrum.
Worked from home today and knitted in the evening, after 5pm. Had nothing to say about it…but knitted a fair amount.


Week 9 – 5 March 2016 / Saturday
15.5 cm x 16 cm – (s 6 mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line


Week 9 – 6 March 2016 / Sunday
3.5 cm x 16.5 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit / purl; every other line

This was a big day for knitting – although the Time Piece itself had only a small contribution. I started knitting in the morning to finish the Time Piece before going out for lunch to celebrate UK Mother’s Day with family. I only had a small bit of the flecked magenta yarn left and wanted to use it up. I ended up running out and having to attach a new magenta yarn in order to finish the line and cast off.

I brought needles and Feb lead yarn with me and while we drove to the restaurant l looked up the bunting triangle pattern and started to try to knit a triangle.
I did not bring my knitting into the restaurant but carried on in the car as we went to M’s for tea and dessert. I carried on knitting when we got there. This time, seated at a large table full of desserts the knitting did help me not to eat too much…thankfully!
I ended up ripping the first (and half of the second) triangle out, because the angle did not seem right for either bunting or my own purposes:

I decided to knit a triangle for each of the months with their lead colour – so that I have a colour wheel of the 12 months of this year at the end…a ‘pie chart’ of the lead colours.
Halfway through my second triangle I abandoned the pattern and just worked with my own intuition. I was starting from the ‘point’ outward and adding stitches as I increased.
The pattern was:
Cast on 2 stitches
Knit across
K1, loop yarn over needle (yo), K1
Knit all three stiches, treating the yo like a normal stitch
K1,yo,K1,yo,K1, yo, K1,
K1,yo,K1,yo,K1 all the stitches until the last one,
Knit across
Knit across
Knit across (repeat until happy)
Cast off
(or something like that – thisis what my notes say anyway- the website link was in last Time Piece the week before when I found the pattern online.)

IMG_2942I found it hard to know what it really meant but I think I figured it out – but the angle was too wide too soon, so eventually I started just adding a single stitch every line (J suggested that as how she would do it) or randomly when it seemed time to increase the angle as I built up from the point.

I learned that it is best not to add a stitch at the end of the row – better to bury it a few stitches in so the edges are solid and have integrity. I had fun just playing around and trying to grasp the geometry of it.

I also enjoyed being in a room with several seasoned knitters and hearing some of their interests in knitting. D showed me a scarf she had knitted for many people this winter for Xmas presents with a very funky yarn.

Later when we got home I knitted another triangle using the ‘January’ lead yarn…which actually was never used in January because I had not thought of doing a lead yarn yet…but if I had thought of it – this is the colour I would have chosen. It is the light purple yarn with the tiny sequins that I used.

I also knitted a swatch for my ‘Month of Sundays’ stash…using the solid magenta I had finished of the Time Piece with earlier in the day. I forgot that I cast on 24 stitches last week and I went for 31 this time. As it is about months rather than days of the week.