Time Piece V

Time piece V: 1 – 7 February 2016
58cm x 16cm


Week 5 – 1 February 2016 / Monday
7cm x 16cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2716Knitting with 2 yarns produces a hard, thick piece. I think my 4mm needles are too small for the job but they are all I have at the moment besides the wooden circular ones which I think would just be too many strands to negotiate with the wire cord and the 2 x yarns. The knitting has gone from a compact ‘thing’ that I can carry around with me to an unwieldy ‘monster’ with tangled tentacles that I have to continuously unravel and sort out.

The heavy knitting of the day coincided with ‘heavy’ conversations and felt oddly apropos.

At the beginning of each year I select ‘gifts’ for each month in advance from a deck of ‘Angel cards’.
‘Commitment’ is my gift for February. This also feels poetically symbolic as I try to knit the two yarns together.

I am already not sure how I am going to make it through a month of such heavy knitting – let alone my hope of adopting this strategy for every month with a different colour. I found myself trying to come up with alternatives that might also work.

I do like the fact that I was unable to accumulate much in the time I knitted today given the thickness of the double yarn. I like that the Time Pieces might end up a bit smaller. The weight of them doubles though so I’m still faced with a lot of ‘mass’ at the end of a year.

IMG_2715I have used a rust red, inexpensive yarn today that is of a similar type to the steel grey lead yarn. They are the same brand, thickness and texture. They look very good together and I am pleased with the effect even though the double yarns make it harder to work with and heavier. I am eager to see how this month looks in the end.

I have reverted back to simply knitting rather than also trying to keep track of stitches at the same time.

I also sent out my blog notes to a few people and had a bit of encouraging feedback that makes me look forward to getting the actual blog online.

Week 5 – 2 February 2016 /Tuesday
7cm x 16cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I used the previous peach yarn, which works really well with the lead yarn in terms of colour and weight/thickness. I have continued to simply ‘knit’ rather than combine purl or any combination of the two. I am very happy with the combination of colours between the red, peach and lead yarn.

BP sent me a lovely email with some of her own artwork to do with knitting. She is interested in maybe a long distance knitting project which I think might be really nice but not sure what exactly.

I took some pictures of previous day’s knitting.

Week 5 – 3 February 2016 /Wednesday
11cm x 15cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I sent BP my blog notes and thanked her for sharing of her own knitting artwork and poem. I asked her permission to include her poem on my blog so, with her consent, here it is:

photo 4

Took some more pictures.

I did more knitting than I expected to, especially considering I was also working on the sockdolls today and lots of focused time on the computer as well. I ended up getting sucked into enjoyable viewing though so I knitted away while watching and found it very relaxing.

Actually, I find it easier to watch the ‘crap’ I would have watched anyway if I have something to do that is constructive at the same time. The combination just makes the experience even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Monday and Tuesday were almost equal in accumulation but today is significantly longer. It is such a contract to last Wednesday in terms of my knitting experience:
• different quality of yarns altogether – one is pure cotton and has a knotted and uneven texture, while the other is very even and acrylic in quality;
• Dramatic difference in shade of yellow – last week was a bright cadmium while this week is a pale, creamy colour.
• the double yarns this week creates a tight, compact stitching that is thick and reminds me of those pot-holders we used to make as kids on a plastic loom. – whereas last week the knitting was loose, uneven texture.

I like the pale yellow alongside the grey lead yarn.

Week 5 – 4 February 2016 /Thursday
6cm x 15.5 (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2741 copyShared the project with A after meeting up for coffee at Espressini – she came over to see my dolls and the knitting. She was very positive about the project and appreciated how the element of ‘time’ was implemented in the project. That being a theme she is also interested in in her work.

She also commented on the evenness of this current Time Piece – compared to the January ones. She expressed her preference to the more haphazard character of last month’s pieces, which M also commented on without even seeing the Feb one yet. It is interesting because I can see that this is a matter of taste and personality. Personally, I am enjoying the evenness, order and consistency that this Time Piece offers. I like the way the lead thread holds everything together.

I knitted later in the day – with my new pea green yarn – the same brand as the aquamarine, steel grey, brick red, pale yellow and similar to the peach yarn (but not the same). I am saving the labels in my Daily Log for reference.


The double yarn balls and tangled threads challenge is getting easier for me. I even have Luna on my lap while I am knitting on the couch tonight.

Week 5 – 5 February 2016 /Friday
15cm x 15.5cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2743 copyKnitting with the same Aqua marine blue yarn as last week. That colour is the also what I have designated as the colour for the period of my life that I was at Hampshire College (1988- 1992).

I am eager to make a special knitting piece – an off-shoot of this weekly Knitting Time project to knit the various phases of my life that have previously been explored through colour coding during my PhD work. I intend to approach this by designating a year as a specific measurement in centimeters. So that for example – if each year = 12 cm than 1988-1991 would be 48cm – or if I then want to get precise about it…which I do…I would work out the number of months exactly and how much that would be in cm.
I am currently saving all my old Daily Logs so that I can work out a precise timeline of events to knit to.
More to come on this one…

Today I was told by BW (an astrologer friend of the family) that my chart shows a fixed pre-disposition and extreme stubbornness of character….not news to me or most of those who know me well!

I talked about how I had deliberately engaged with Capoeira in the past as a way of developing ‘flexibility’ to counter these personality traits.
He advised that I concertedly and consistently continue to work on incorporating and enhancing ‘flexibility’ and ‘spontaneity’ in my being.
I began to think about this in terms of the Knitting Time project. The actual knitting of the Time Pieces, and the reflection on the project, help me to understand my own interest in colour- coding and to examine the patterns of my decision-making in relation to clarity, rigidity, flexibility, stubbornness… as well as other things.

Week 5 – 6 February 2016 /Saturday
2cm x 15cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

Today I was happy knitting with the purple yarn from last week – alongside the grey. However, in the end o did not get much opportunity to accumulate much ‘mass’ in my knitting efforts today. The result is a relatively thin dark purple strip after fairly even widths in the previous knitting sessions this week.


I am eager to try larger needles next week and hope to get to Trago tomorrow.

Following on from my thoughts yesterday about where there are opportunities for ‘flexibility’ in my Knitting Time process, I began to breakdown the variables that I am ‘playing’ with here:
• knitting needles: size, materials (metal, wood or plastic…other?), shape
• yarns: texture, colours, thickness, type of fibres, resources and sources
• casting: width / number of stitches; straight (rectangular panels) or tubular (i.e socks)
• stitches: knit, purl – patterns, sequences
• combinations of these elements

In addition to the knitting itself there are also the other aspects of the Knitting Time project:
• the blog as a (new for me) online format
• the content of the blog as a reflective journal and opportunity to dialogue and share with others.
• The actual dialogues and conversations that come out of this process
• Photography as a way of documenting the knitting and related images and as a way of continuing the photographic element of my CreativeCore practice.

7 February 2016 /Sunday
11cm x 15cm – (s 4mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2719Bought 9mm knitting needles this morning for £1.75 for next week’s Time Piece (VI). I am responding to the very tight character of this week and wanting to try to ‘loosen’ up and ‘open out’ as a contrast and counter measure.

I was disappointed not to get to knit more yesterday, but I do like the effect of the thin line compositionally.

I am very happy with the overall tones and consistency of this particular Time Piece (V). Using the double yarns has accomplished precisely what I hoped it would although it is much heavier and denser than I had considered.

My intention for next week is to deliberately override this now and open things up with the large knitting needles and my choices of yarn.

I am interested in this impulse and wonder if it comes from my own interest or in a fear of giving to my real desire – to have things as uniform and consistent as possible.