Time Piece VI

Time Piece VI: 8-14 February 2016
123cm x 30-22 cm


Week 6 – 8 February 2016 / Monday
20 cm x 31 cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

IMG_2720I wanted to ‘loosen up’ in contrast to last week.
The large needles enlarge the scale tremendously.
I deliberately chose a bright, very textured yarn – part of the collection that I got from E in NY that I hadn’t used yet. I was undecided whether it was going to be used for Mondays…in the reds – or Tuesdays…in the oranges…it is a borderline colour.
I reverted back to a simple ‘knit’ stitch – enough going on with the double yarn and the scale.


Week 6 – 9 February 2016 / Tuesday
19 cm x 29 – 27cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I had been planning to use the thin orange part-bamboo yarn today. I was looking forward to using a thin yarn and I thought that yesterday’s bright orange/magenta/red yarn would be a nice companion =- similar level of intensity.

IMG_2772However, I went another way….today is my young niece’s birthday (T) and I am making a sock doll portrait of her (as part of my ‘Sole Mate Sock Dolls’ CreativeCore project) using a particular orange, ‘fuzzy’ yarn for hair. I wanted to mark this day on my Time Piece by using her ‘hair’ – as it is Tuesday and so an appropriate colour choice by my self-imposed criteria.

This decision changed the whole character of the Time Piece from what I had imagined it was going to develop as…it took on a life of it’s own.

The fluffy yarn was surprisingly easy to work with and very, very soft to touch. It was so ‘fluffy’ that it hides the grey ‘lead’ yarn that is knitted alongside it. It takes up a lot of volume. The whole scale of the Time Piece, with the large needle size and the chunky yarn of the day before, had the feeling of knitting a ‘monster’.

The clashing colours and the contrast in textures gave it a grotesque quality that I did not enjoy. It is not a ‘pretty’ thing, or a harmonious thing, but it is a playful thing and it has significance in the choices and it was a good moment of spontaneous flexibility in my decision making.

Week 6 – 10 February 2016 / Wednesday
6cm x 26-24 cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

In the spirit of ‘garish’ and bold I decided to use my bright cadmium, textured yellow. I was busy with my Gospel singing and then in conversation the rest of this day and only ended up knitting few lines. The size of this yarn, in contrast to the two earlier days, is much narrower and has reduced the overall width of the Time Piece radically.

IMG_2732 copy
Week 6 – 11 February 2016 / Thursday
21 cm x 22-21 cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I went back to The Wool Basket today and bought three more yarns: light lime green, purple with mini-sequins, magenta with flecks. I wanted more ‘playful’ yarns to continue this theme in the current Time Piece. I wasn’t overwhelmed with my choices but kind of happy with what I got. There were some more very fluffy yarns on sale that I did not buy because they were the wrong colours. Instead the ones I got were much more conservative in size, texture and coloure but each had appealing little hints of character.

The light lime green yarn that I got to use today is not a single colour but a quietly mutating shift between grey, lavender and a chartreuse – giving it an overall impression of a light lime green. The yarn blends nicely in weight, size and colour with the grey ‘lead’ yarn of Feb. I began using this immediately. I left the yarn shop and met up with R and C at a coffee place in town with big couches. I knitted for an hour there while we chatted.

I was a bit embarrassed about the ‘monster’ I was working on – and ‘bringing it out’ in public but R seemed to really like it.


It was interesting to learn that C is an experienced knitter who is in the process of knitting a Nativity set; as well as regularly knitting baby hats, booties and blankets for a charity in Uganda set up by someone she knows.

C is interested in getting together to knit – which needs to be before the end of the month if it is realistically going to happen before I return to work and she relocates to the north of England.

In addition to knitting…and talking about knitting…I also spent time today researching blog ‘themes’ ad identifying a few that I liked or that seemed useful to how I imagine my blog to look.

Week 6 – 12 February 2016 / Friday
21 cm x 21 – 18 cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

Today’s yarn choice felt like a ‘failure’ in so far as it was meant to be ‘blue’ – and to read as ‘blue’. The yarn I chose is a fancy – ‘lacy’ yarn with small satin squares of iridescent purple, black and blue. In the rolled up ball the predominant colour appears as blue – but it did not translate that strongly into the Time Piece. The grey of the lead yarn helped to redress the issue and give it an overall sense of being within my ‘blue’ band (which included grey) but every time I looked at it I saw the purple shining through rather than the blue.

Also the ‘lacy’ aspect of the yarn was lost in using it alongside the lead yarn. I had seen some of the same lacy yarn knitted on display when I was at The Wool Basket store yesterday and really liked the effect. I had even asked the saleswoman what size needles it was knitted with and they were similar to the 9mm I was using. I had been looking forward to the ‘chain-mail’ effect I had seen there. Instead – while it was a nice effect – it was much denser and muted then I had anticipated.

Week 6 –13 February 2016 / Saturday
18 cm x 19 – 21 cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit


The purple yarn I bought for today was much thinner than I had expected – or I had not taken the thickness into account I suppose. The tiny sequins drew me in… and they gave me huge pleasure throughout my knitting time today. They are so small – I have never seen sequins so small! If you look really hard you can spot them in this photo!

I spent time setting up my new WordPress blog and filling in the content of the first week – playing around with themes a little bit. When I finally decided to go with a free blogsite the themes I had looked at earlier in the week were not the same options. A J pointed out – I had been looking at the WordPress.org themes rather than the WordPress.com themes. Still I managed to find one to at least get started with and felt good about making a decision and moving forward with the site.

Week 6 – 14 February 2016 / Sunday
15 cm x 22cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I spent a lot of time working on the blog today – uploading the content for weeks 2-4 and writing up my notes for week 5.


The magenta yarn with colourful flecks was again very thin. Also there was not much contrast between the last few days – although technically they represented the respective colour designated for each day – the overall effect was a homogeneous ‘blend’ – and all much more narrow and muted by the grey lead yearn than the initial burst of the first 2 days of the week had promised.

So despite my efforts to keep the piece moving a ‘fancy-free’ direction – I ended up with an extremely long Time Piece with a clashing, fluffy, wide start and then a relatively sedate ‘tail’.

It does succeed, however, in having a very distinct character from the previous week, while retaining the consistency that I was hoping for February – so all in all it was an interesting week of knitting!