Time Piece VII

Time Piece VII: 15-21 February 2016
64.5 cm x 22-18 cm

Week 7 – 1Week 7 – 5 February 2016 / Monday
5cm x 21.5 – 23cm – (s 9mm & 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

I am still using 9mm needles today because I haven’t been to Trago to buy a smaller size pair yet. Also at the tail end of my first scan of February ‘lead’ yarn and need to buy more to get through the end of the month.

I went with a brown yarn today – an ‘burnt umber’ colour that sits within my own personal interpretation of “reds’ – which is a wide-encompassing spectrum really of reds, browns and creams. I have not used a brown yet in the Knitting Time project – it was a nice change from last week’s garish choice.

I did not have the opportunity to actually knit that much today – only 5cm worth – a few lines…

In addition to my knitting though, I worked on the hair of my other niece’s doll so that I would know how much orange yarn I had left over to use on Tuesday for knitting.

Week 7 –16 February 2016 / Tuesday
9.5 cm x 21-19 cm – (s 9mm & 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

IMG_2768Today I wrapped what was left of the February lead yarn around my nice chocolate wrapper to keep it under control. I also finished the hair on the sock doll so that I was free to use the orange yarn. It is the same yarn I had initially wanted to use last week and very excited to try it along with the lead yarn. I started knitting in the morning using the 9mm needles.


Later in the morning, I went to Trago and bought more yarn and size 6mm knitting needles. I am now building a small selection of needles to work with. When I got home I resumed knitting and switched from the 9mm to the 6mm. I like the idea of moving between different size needles.

I bought the book on knitting and colour that I had seen at Trago a few weeks ago – “Exploring Color in Knitting: techniques, swatches, and projects to expand your knitting horizons” by Sarah Hazell and Emma King (2011). I probably won’t really look at it for a while but it was less than £4 so I thought I would make sure to get it before it was no longer there to buy.


I spent a lot of time looking at the yarns in relation to next months ‘lead’ colour. I was unable to come to any definitive decision yet so I didn’t buy the March lead colour yet. I want to use a thin, shiny, part-bamboo yarn like the orange yarn I am using today, but in a light turquoise colour (I think). I might need to go to The Wool Basket for it. I am also not 100% certain of the colour. I am pretty sure I want April to be the light green wool I recently bought so I am thinking of the progression from Feb through March into April.

I am hoping that if I continue into a second year of the project that I have my colour scheme more worked out before I start next year.

Week 7 – 17 February 2016 / Wednesday
6.5 cm x 19 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

IMG_2770I did not start knitting until 9pm tonight – late for me and only for 30 minutes. It was a comic scene really – me laying on the couch, propped up by pillow against the armrest as usual – knitting in the almost dark while watching TV – again a common evening occurance – but feeling more rushed than usual to get as miuch knitting done in a short space of time. The cat decided tonight was a good night to sit on my chest between my knitting and me. The 2 x scans of yarn (yellow and grey) kept getting very intertwined and I could barely reach beyond the cat to untangle them. This was ongoing for the whole 30 minutes, while “relaxing”.

IMG_2776 copy 4It was a frustrating session, but I still managed to knit a fair amount. I liked the light, creamy yellow next to the bright orange of the day before. I had considered using white yarn for the day but didn’t want to buy any more yesterday at Trago. I decided to just work with what I have for the moment.

I ended the truncated session with a longing for more knitting. 30 minutes is not enough to feel I have had my ‘knitting fix’ for the day.

I did also, however, spend 3 hours getting my blog updated and basically ready to share with people. I can’t help laughing to myself….I was reluctant to take up knitting because I did not feel I had the time to commit to anything potentially all-consuming as my life already felt too full to manage well. Now, in making a solution to this that enables me to feel able to commit I have added this whole other dimension of the blogging that takes up just as much time, if not more, than the knitting. For the amount of time I spend writing notes in my Daily Log, measuring and photographing the Time Pieces and getting them up onto the blog I probably could have knitted my own coat by now…or at lest started to learn how to knit something ‘useful’. But still this is what happens when I begin to engage with something creatively…it takes on a life of its own and leads me down absurd and delightful pathways of creative exploration…

Week 7 – 18 February 2016 / Thursday
9cm x 19cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

The green I chose for today is very close to the yellow I used yesterday. They work well together but do not show the demarcation of each respective day clearly.

IMG_2776 copy 3

I introduced the next scan of February ‘lead’ yarn in this session thsat I had bought in preparation on Tuesday.

Once again I had a late start to my evening knitting session. Tonight it was not until 9:30pm. I knitted for an hour while watching the first half of a film before going to bed. Even though it was twice as long as the night before it still left me unsatisfied and wishing I had had a longer knitting session.

I had thoughts about where I can go with this knitting practice, especially once I begin to build up my own vocabulary and relationship with the different elements involved.

In the morning on my way to the gym I spent time thinking through the details of my “Knitting Life Time” project. How long each year could be in centemetres and how different size needles could be used for different phases. Do I knit the whole thing in a continuous piece or keep them as separate swatches? I am thinking I might do ‘rough draft’ one in a continuous piece and then re-do each one in more detail as an individual panel and then maybe redo it a third time as a continuous piece again.

Week 7 – 19 February 2016 / Friday
11cm x 18cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line


“I’ve got the blues”… I started my knitting thoughts today with a photograph of all the blue yarns I had to choose from for knitting on this Friday. Most of the blues I have are closer to greys, so I opted for my bright aqua marine blue again.

I sat down at 10am and did a little knitting – just a few rows – to get started on the blue and enjoy knitting in a relaxed way…in daylight. It gave me an opportunity to think about my day and what else needs to be done. I was reminded of the sensation I had when I first started knitting in NY in January – where I was in a very different daily rhythm and often made time in the morning first thing, or a few moments during the day to knit in between other activities. Thinking about that other, relaxed, rhythm helped me to relax now like I was then. It felt nice to just take some time out for a moment to sit and knit…

While I was doing that, I considered trying to use larger needles on my days off of work once I return to KB full-time (1st of March) than during my work week. I also wondered if I can use different sized needles to denote different times of the day that I might be knitting…either as a separate coding or in conjunction with the different types of days. These are just some of the knitting thoughts that pass through me while I am knitting my yarns.


I also spent time on Wednesday morning measuring and making notes on the week’s Time Piece so far. Later that evening I continued to knit more.

Week 7 –20 February 2016 / Saturday
12cm x 18cm – (s 6 mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line

IMG_2821I do not have much to say with regard to knitting today… I knitted through the evening while watching a film that was good, but just dumb enough to make me very grateful I had my knitting to do as well.

I chose the dark purple, fairly thin yarn I bought at Trago’s a few weeks ago. It sits nicely with Friday’s blue. It will tie in nicely with Time Piece V as a consistency through February. Much better contrast than in Time Piece VI.

Week 7 – 21 February 2016 / Sunday
11cm x 18.5 – 19 cm – (s 6mm plastic)
double yarn – knit & purl – every other line


IMG_2816Knitted today while out having tea with family. Had another very unflattering photograph taken of me on request while I was there. Used the same flecked cotton yarn as last week and enjoyed using it. It stands out much better against the dark purple I used yesterday.

I decided that on Sundays I will cast off earlier in the day so that I can wrap up the week, take necessary photographs and update blog entries through that week and be ready for the new Time Piece. This will be especially important after next week when I go back to work full time and everything becomes more precious and needs to be more efficient.

IMG_2820What this means though is that if I want to knit on Sunday evenings…which I expect I will… it gives me an opportunity to work on another off-shoot piece I want to make called “A Month of Sundays”, consisting of 31 individual swatches of Sunday magenta yarns. I started this tonight with my first piece. This is also a little window to work on my ‘Life Time Knitting’ piece once the ‘Month of Sundays’ piece is complete.

I am also curious if it is possible to knit a triangle? I imagine it is…if so that opens up several other ideas – specifically I want to make a circle of 12 x triangles that begin to work out the colour code for 2017 Knitting Time project.

So much to knit…so much Knitting Time….I’m loving it all and thanking E for the inspiration and her crusade…it has worked its magic on me….it’s like “A Month of Sundays”!!!!

Note: E gave me a small swatch of magenta yarn already knitted. That will be considered the ‘germ’ piece for the ‘Month of Sundays’ piece.

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