Week 6 – 14 February 2016 / Sunday

Week 6 – 14 February 2016 / Sunday
15 cm x 22cm – (s 9mm plastic)
double yarn – knit

I spent a lot of time working on the blog today – uploading the content for weeks 2-4 and writing up my notes for week 5.


The magenta yarn with colourful flecks was again very thin. Also there was not much contrast between the last few days – although technically they represented the respective colour designated for each day – the overall effect was a homogeneous ‘blend’ – and all much more narrow and muted by the grey lead yearn than the initial burst of the first 2 days of the week had promised.

So despite my efforts to keep the piece moving a ‘fancy-free’ direction – I ended up with an extremely long Time Piece with a clashing, fluffy, wide start and then a relatively sedate ‘tail’.

It does succeed, however, in having a very distinct character from the previous week, while retaining the consistency that I was hoping for February – so all in all it was an interesting week of knitting!



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