Week 1 – 4 January 2016 / Monday

Week 1 – 4 January 2016 / Monday
7cm x 14.5 cm – knit (n size 8 plastic needles)

I went through my Mom’s other yarn collection at her office – still looking for the right colours to start the project with. Again, my Mom wanted me to consider the fluffy textures and fun ‘sparkle’ yarns she had but I was intent on satisfying my own colour code range.
Once the yarns were out, my Mom got inspired to sort out her storage cupboard even more and so embarked on her own long-held intention to organize her space. She spent the half our or so, before her client arrived, on this mission and successfully de-cluttered that particular floor-to-ceiling wardrobe of art materials.
IMG_2520 croppedI found a few, including a nice yarn; deep red with variant shades slightly lighter and darker running through it. The colour is deep wine red that moves to a lighter shade of pinkish orange like a brilliant sunrise or sunset.
I started knitting in the afternoon in my Mom’s pottery studio, after finishing the glazing I needed to do.
I remembered how to cast on. Decided with 24 stitches as a consistent width for the project, to correspond with 24 hours in a day. So that each colour, representing a day of the week, is a day’s width wide.
The red yarn is relatively thin and made up of strands that seemed to separate easily and interfere with the smooth motion of the knitting needles. They would catch easily in between the strands.

Very slow, frustrated movements marked my first day of knitting with needles sticking and catching in the yarn at every insertion. I was unable to hold the wrapping thread in my left hand at all.
I did not knit for a particularly long time – a bit in the studio and a bit more at home in between games of Casino with B (hard to knit and play cards at the same time I found).
Before I went to bed I knotted the orange wool for Tuesday in preparation for the next day’s knitting. I enjoyed this preparation as a setting of intention to continue tomorrow.


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